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I am a writer, game designer, storyteller, and lover of all things creative. Enjoy your stay!

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For as long as I can remember, writing creatively has always been a source of joy, passion, and accomplishment in my life. I have a background in film, having earned my first BA in screenwriting, but I quickly gravitated instead towards writing for games, as I believe them to possess an incredibly unique sense of immersion and interactivity that isn't possible in any other storytelling medium. I strive to marry my writing experience with my love of games, and tell stories that anyone can feel they have a part in unfolding.  


Notebook and Pen
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I earned my first degree in writing for film, and have since extended my practices to writing game scripts. I'm especially fond of writing cutscenes and barks, coming up with unique voices and personalities that really bring a story to life.

Game Design

While my main area of experience is in designing tabletop games, I also have experience in designing video games, particularly in narrative design. I love using a game's environment to tell a story, and I believe it's just as valuable as a script in doing so.

A lifetime of writing regularly has allowed me to hone my sense of the English language and how it sounds on the page. If you have a written piece, I'm happy to give it that extra polish that comes with a second opinion.

Creative Writing/Editing

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